About Pandaje Group

Pandaje group is a perfect face of diverse web business and we believe the concept of success in diversity. With our core business areas like web solutions, payment gateways, placement cell and tech support; all under one roof; we are truly committed to superiority because it is your superiority that will create a mark in this big world of global business. We facilitate two prime areas through our different associated businesses and these are skill and knowledge and both these factors lead us to a high level customer satisfaction. Our payment gateway wing specializes in the merchant accounts and has achieved immense success in the area.

Five core companies operate under Pandajegroup

Pandaje tech (www.pandajetech.com)

Pandaje tech is a famous brand and a leading provider of next generation computer support in various countries. The company reaches various small businesses and customers across world.

Pandaje web world (www.pandajewebworld.com)

In the present times, Pandaje web world is a name of eminence. We do accept the challenging goals and try to fulfill them. Our success rate speaks of itself. Our main focus is design and development of websites.

BPO Services (www.pandaje.com)

BPO or business process outsourcing is one of the most sought after business areas in the present times because of the disciplined style of business functioning. Inbound and outbound call services are part of this business.

www.unicornpay.com (www.unicornpay.com)

Payment gateway offers flexibility and at unicornpay, we do the things with
difference. Our experts follow step by step procedure to avoid the complications.


Placement services at Pandaje group give complete assurance. We give fair
value to all application procedures but selecting best is only fair deal.

Unicorn pay is excelling in growth since the year 2009 with main specialization in the high risk merchant account and the offshore merchant account. Our prime objective is to be a reliable provider and grant the customer one hundred percent satisfaction. We have a strong network across the nation that runs from the processing banks to the merchant accounts via the credit card processing service that is very effective. We have got the low rates and this is good for our customers who can keep the business in excellent condition.

We also provide the live customer service and provide guidance to our consumers round the clock. It will be the best option to apply today itself for the credit card merchant account and for this there is a free online application and one does not have to pay either the application fee or the set up fee. We do accept the credit cards within a span of twenty four to forty eight hours irrespective of the credit history. This happens after the online application is duly submitted and approved. We are experts in providing merchant solutions for the three types of businesses and these are tech support business, high risk business and offshore business.

  • Easy Signup and Implementation
  • Open for Vendors Worldwide
  • Almost Any Busineass Accepted 24/7
  • Accept All Major Credit Cards
  • Real-time Online Account Stats
  • FREE Order Page
  • We provide your Sponsored Merchant Account
  • Multicurrency GBP, EUR and USD
  • FREE Technical Support Team
  • One-stop Payment Solutions
  • Fraud Screening
  • No Equipment or Software needed
  • Our web solution experts operating under www.pandajewebworld.com focus on the targeted audience and this provides success in retaining the clients. Web solutions are one of our major business wings covering the core areas like website design and development and many more. SEO and SMO is one of the strategic areas under this wing.

    Website Design
    The website designs we deliver fulfill the standard parameters of quality and these including navigation, aesthetic designs and the overall consistency. We provide these quality parameters to our clients as per their budget and the decided time.

    Website Development
    We believe that the website development is the main key for the business success. Our experts provide the legitimate websites having all the specific details providing the customer the utmost sense of belief and satisfaction.

    Mobile App Design & Development
    Our experts in SEO provide the services acting as tools to take the website on an international platform thereby increasing the off-site as well as on-site visitor base in turn providing the maximum yield as well as revenue.

    Search Engnie Optimization
    We provide the rightful application of SMO and we also offer its finest possible execution. Through SMO, we create a good platform to bring the people or the organizations of common interest together.

    Social Media Optimization
    Our mobile application service primarily deals with the areas like mircrosites and mobile websites, development as well as the tablet presentations. Our strong team deals with these areas giving a perfect output.

    We offer the excellent technical support services through our affiliate business by the name Pandaje tech. Our technical team is armed with some highest technical qualifications and we offer 100 percent client satisfaction in this area.

    We Provide the Support for

    Laptop Services

    Laptop Services

    One cannot imagine being without laptop in the present times. Such is the utility and the need of the device. Laptop is considered one of the marvels of hi-fi technology. This gadget has the significance for various professions. In the present times, working professionals, businessmen, students and homemakers use the laptop. Laptop is a device with multidimensional uses and one can use the gadget for receiving and sending emails. Apart from this, the device can also be used for keeping data, preparing projects, preparing presentations and much more. If one uses the laptop in a rough manner, there can be issues related to the performance of the device. We at Pandaje group can solve all the issues related to laptop. Customer can dial the free technical helpline. They are experts and can identify any major problem in a much easy manner.

    Our experts provide the following services in order to make the laptop free of all the technical problems---

  • Eradication of the blue screen errors
  • Total clean up of the infection because of virus
  • Repairing the registry of windows
  • Solving the obstacles related to the connectivity of the internet
  • Installing the genuine software apart from compatible drivers
  • Problems related to the computer accessories like monitor and keyboard
  • Computer Support

    Computer Support

    Computer is a machine of high eminence and it is used in all sectors in the present times. Without the computer, things are rather impossible in today’s time. The fact remains that the people are used to this device in such a way that it becomes very difficult to continue without it. Now the issue is if the problem arises in the device, it is going to affect the entire work for the day. Pandaje tech, a part of the Pandaje group, deals with such problems through its online computer support facilities. There are one hundred percent satisfaction ratings because our tech support executives solve all the issues amicably in this area and this satisfies our clients.
    Our experts provide the following support-----

  • Operating system support
  • Security support
  • Peripheral support
  • PC optimization
  • Computer set up
  • Internet support
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Software support
  • Printer Support

    Printer Support

    Printer is a very important accessory of the computer and it is also classified as the product of daily use. It becomes an important tool to extract the print outs and various other types of paper works. There can be technical issues related to this device and this can hamper the work. Our technicians are available round the clock to solve the issues and they can also assist regarding this matter through the helpline that is available round the clock.
    Our experts solve the following problems----

  • Spooling errors on printer
  • Problems related to printer connectivity
  • Problems related to keyboard and various other accessories
  • Installation of antivirus, printers and windows
  • Printer driver installation
  • Printer non-functioning and abrupt shut down
  • Computer and printer connectivity
  • Installation of toner cartridge
  • Pending print job deletion[ falling in print queue]
  • IP printers/ TCP installation
  • Installation of print cartridge
  • Toner cartridge installation
  • Router Set Up Support

    Router Set Up Support

    Pandaje tech provides the finest tech support when it comes to the tech support industry. Because of our certified technicians, we are doing a fabulous job and the service is available round the clock throughout the week. With the help of router, there will be a constant access to the internet. With the help of router, there will be data packet transfer throughout the computer network. Generally, it is tough to set up and this is the reason, it requires the technician who possesses knowledge so that he can fix the issue related to router. We have a strong team of engineers who are experts in dealing with the router problems. They have complete knowledge to solve the issue in a very good manner and in a much faster way. They will deliver on time or before time. This is the reason our clients rely on us.
    We provide the perfect solutions for various issues related to the router----

  • Assisting the routers that are non-functioning
  • Fixing the various issue related to connectivity
  • Fixing the issue related to Ping
  • Providing a major support to router adapters
  • Support for resetting and setting passwords
  • Firewall support
  • Troubleshoot issues
  • Email Support

    Email Support

    Email is one of the most crucial modes of communication when it comes to business. Any problem with the email will lead to a big loss. Our experts of the technical support have the full talent to solve all problems related to the email. If anyone wants to get the instant support in this area, it will be better to call on our helpline number for the technical support. The fact remains because of the email service; one can send and receive the unlimited mails. Since it is the tool of the web, one can send these mails from any place in the world. The attack of the virus is one of the main invasions on the email. Our certified technicians will solve all the issues related to the email. The good thing is service will be given round the clock.

  • Supporting the settings of the email account
  • Instant support for the crashing and the freezing of the emails
  • Email configuration
  • Email support for the account that is blocked temporarily
  • Support for the email account that is hacked
  • Support for receiving and sending of the emails
  • Email back up support
  • Error fixing
  • Appropriate setting for the usage purpose
  • Resolving main problems related to the emails
  • Updating and upgrading the email system
  • Manual removal of email account
  • Fixing registry issues
  • Enabling junk and spam filtering
  • Cd/Dvd Burning Support

    Cd/Dvd Burning Support

    If there is a crash of the hard disc on the computer, there is complete possibility of the loss of data. This can be a big issue because the data means everything to an operator or the individual. This is the reason one will have to keep the backup files of all the crucial CDs or DVDs. This company provides the smart assistance and that too on an instant basis as far as the storage of the data on the DVD or CD is concerned.
    In the present times, there is the facility of the DIGI cams and by this; one can do the limitless photography. But there arises an obstacle and the obstacle is the limited space. In order to solve the issue, there is a total need of external storage devices and the two main are DVDs and CDs.
    Our certified technicians will provide a crucial help in saving the documents like the DVDs and CDs otherwise it can be an uphill task. The best thing is to call on the toll free number.

    Wi-Fi Support

    Wi-Fi Support

    Wi-fi is a technology that lures and it has made the life convenient as far as the internet is concerned. When there is the connectivity of WI-FI, there is not the big botheration of the wire systems and it becomes very comfortable to roam within the range. One will love to work like this in the comfort zone. Besides this, when it comes to the large scale connectivity, WI-FI comes at a lesser price. The principal fact remains that only the expert technician can set up the wifi connectivity because if one finds the flaw in the connectivity, it can lead to a frustration in the mind of the user. In order to find the solution do contact the round the clock helpline of Pandaje group and receive the immediate help from expert technicians.
    We provide the following help when it comes to the WIFI support---

  • Setting up and the installation of all hubs of wifi
  • Router set up installation
  • Cable connection assistance in between routers and modem
  • Firewall configuration for the purpose of secured set up
  • IP conflict removal
  • Training for folder, file sharing etc over the network
  • Adware Removal Support

    Adware Removal Support

    Pandaje group is an acclaimed name for the customer support and so far we have maintained one hundred percent consistency in this area.. We have the skilled certified technicians that can solve all the problems related to the adware removal. Adware removal is one of the main areas for which we provide the technical support. By the term adware, we mean unpleasing and unwanted pop up advertisements that are because of some viruses. Because of such adware, bad information goes to the user and this is used to trick people and prompt them to purchase software in order to eradicate the reported threats as well as the viruses that do not actually exist.
    We provide the following services when it comes to the adware support----

  • Unwanted pop up removal
  • Complete solutions related to the computers
  • Trojan detection or diagnosis
  • WIFI security
  • Key logger detection
  • Eradicating viruses and computer worms
  • Eradicating security warnings that are actually meaningless
  • Installing important drivers
  • Installing important drivers
  • There are another three parameters that one must keep in mind and these are very important.
  • To enhance the speed of the computer, one will have to optimize it
  • There has to be antivirus installation and this will prevent virus attacks
  • Malicious file removal and many other services of this kind
  • Virus Removal Support

    Virus Removal Support

    In the area of tech support, Pandaje group gets the full credit for its exemplary services. Our technicians are a living testimony of our finest services and they solve the problems in the finest possible way. In order to eradicate the virus from the computer, the client or the customer shall call on the toll free number and find the instant solutions on the spot. The fact is virus is one of the most dangerous things the computer can ever face and this will in fact lead to a complete shutdown thereby reducing the computer life cycle. A virus can be termed as dangerous or malicious file or particular software that can decrease the speed of the computer thereby leading to a total shutdown. It enters the system from the external instruments or malicious websites.
    We provide the following services in this area---

  • Installation of the antivirus
  • System compatibility check
  • Tracing and eradication of malicious files
  • Setting of the configuration
  • Scanning of computer
  • Infection removal
  • Malware Removal Support

    Malware Removal Support

    By malware, we mean the active script or code that can be the principal cause of computer malfunctioning. One very major problem because if this is the leak of computer privacy and because of this; one will have to access the private data from some other place. The four things that come in the malware are adware, spyware, Trojans and virus. All these come in the category of Malware. Removal of the malware is actually a tough task and one will have to deal with it in a careful manner. The fact is it is actually quite tough to detect. We, at Pandaje web world, cannot deny the vital fact that our technicians are our pillars and it is they who start the process of cleaning the prior malware. Apart from this, steps are taken that it will not even enter the system.
    We have a complete package of malware removal and it compromises of ----

  • Cleaning the items of malware from PC
  • Removing the adware or spyware
  • Tuning the speed and computer performance
  • Mode the computer on the path of system restoration
  • Identifying Trojans
  • wi-fi set up
  • Removing the key logger
  • Cleaning complete viruses
  • Giving the assurance that there is no false update on the PC
  • Stopping all the activity that is suspicious
  • Making full proof computer security
  • Installing the patches that are related to the window
  • Installing peripherals and new computer devices
  • Installing mandate and missing drivers
  • For the compete removal of infection from the computer, it will be better if the needy calls the customer support wing.
  • Spyware Removal Support

    Spyware Removal Support

    Spyware is one of the greatest threats when it comes to surfing the internet. Because of spyware, there is a record of all online activities and then it shares with various negative elements of society and because of this; there is a leakage in passwords and various other crucial details. The fact is there are cyber criminals hovering around and they can get an easy touch with the data considered to be very confidential and private. They use the same data for the purpose of marketing campaigns. Our experts want to make it very sure that no negative element peeps into the activity of surfing. For the speedy solution in this matter, the best thing is to call the experts and get the instant help.
    We do provide the following help----

  • Adware removal
  • Spyware removal
  • Virus removal
  • Diagnosis of Trojans
  • Wi-fi setting
  • Keylogger removal
  • Computer worm removal
  • Laptop and desktop repair
  • Installing peripherals and the latest accessories
  • Installation of the driver
  • Tune up of the PC
  • Full proof security of the PC
  • Patch installation related to the OS [operating system]
  • Internet Browsers Support

    Internet Browsers Support

    In tech support, skill and the exact diagnosis of the problem is the first parameter of success. We provide support for the internet browser and our experts solve the problems on a permanent basis.
    We provide the following remedies in the internet browser support-----

  • Browser opening issues
  • Browser closure before time
  • Problems to access some websites
  • Problems related to the flash player
  • No page found----problems in highlighting errors
  • Browser security setting ---tune up
  • Tuning the settings of browser security
  • Deleting cache, cookies and browser history
  • Upgrade and downgrade versions of browser
  • Slow browser support
  • Scanning and removing viruses
  • Scanning and removing malwares
  • Scanning and removing spywares
  • Operating System Support

    Operating System Support

    We are strong team when it comes to the tech support and our technicians will provide the best as per their ability for support of the operating systems. Our skilled professionals of the tech support do the optimization of machine registry as well as the settings of the browser so that they can enhance performance of the computer.
    We support the below mentioned operating systems ----

  • Windows Vista Support
  • Apple MAC Support
  • Windows XP Support
  • Windows7 Support
  • Windows 8 Support
  • OS support services include---
  • Window installation
  • Window personalization
  • Closing the programs that are not responding
  • Recovery of passwords for WINDOWS XP
  • Supporting peripheral devices
  • Firewall configuration
  • Software installation and missing drivers
  • Uninstalling the software that is not required
  • General troubleshooting
  • Audio Video Support

    Audio Video Support

    One can transform visual music file into an audio file or for that matter if one cuts a part of music from video, it can be an easy job but in case one does not have the perfect tools for the same, it can increase the irritation level of the individual. One will need the correct software but it consumes much time and if one goes for many downloads, it will reduce the speed of the internet. Another vital thing is that to transform the media is not at all that easy. Here we provide the perfect solution for all the bulk problems related to this matter.
    Our experts provide best solution and provide following kind of support.

  • Conversion of different formats like AVI to MP3, WMA to MP3 that too with an excellent quality.
  • Conversion of video to famous audio formats.
  • Customizing the files when cut from video.
  • Installation of drivers.
  • Solution to file errors.
  • Video and Audio not loading.
  • Audio and video files not loading properly
  • Downloading audios and videos
  • Resolution to sound problems.
  • Assistance on file transfer.
  • Installing 3D display drivers.
  • Drivers for Sound cards.
  • Advice on Compatible tools and software.
  • Antivirus Support

    Antivirus Support

    In the present times, there is the hi- tech revolution but at the same time, there are multiple problems associated with it. We need the anti-virus to solve the various problems related to laptop and computer. When the person uses the computer on a regular basis, it can get the virus infection that will enter can enter from the websites considered to be malicious or harmful and many other external devices.
    If one does not take the perfect steps in time, it is going to shut the computer down for ever. If in case, one wants to protect the computer from virus, one can go for the antivirus application that is of the premier quality. This will scan the emails, external devices and the malicious websites. This will guarantee full protection from the attack of the virus.
    We at Pandaje group have certified technicians who are very much experienced in their field. They first check the particular threat and install the antivirus in accordance with that. The fact is our services are reliable and we are here to give the computer full freedom from the viruses. The virus cannot enter if there is a strong antivirus installed. One will call the technician and accordingly install antivirus that is of high quality. It will solve the virus related issues. In this case, one can go for the long term plans.

    PC Tune Up Support

    PC Tune Up Support

    We are market leaders in providing the different types of support services and these solve the various problems related to computers. The fact is in the present world, the computer is a lifeline and if some problem arises in this lifeline, it can hamper the work. In order to increase the performance of the computers, it is important to tune them and our tech support people deal with these issues in a nice manner and there is so far one hundred percent success rate in the area of PC tune up support. The best thing is to get in touch with our technicians who can solve issue related to this area.
    The following services we provide are under-----

  • Eradicating unwanted files
  • Eradicating viruses
  • Computer scanning
  • Internet optimization
  • Clean up of disc
  • Junk file removal
  • Optimization of browser
  • Other services we provide are listed below----
  • Installation of the antivirus
  • Virus cleaning and data protection
  • Window problem and browser support
  • Data recovery
  • Anti Spyware Support

    Anti Spyware Support

    Pandaje group has reached the level of global fame in the area of technical support and we do thank our dedicated employees in this area. Spyware is one of the most dangerous things the computer can have because it can fudge the crucial data like the emails, bank accounts and passwords etc. If there is the spyware support, there is less chance of spyware invasion on the PC and this makes the data perfectly safe. The fact remains installing the tool of anti – spyware is not that easy a process and our experts will go for the computer remote session in order to fix anti-spyware on the PC. This provides the double security layer and one will not have to fear regarding this problem further.
    Our antispyware support includes the following –

  • The economic service
  • Compatible anti-spyware tool installation
  • Removing existing spyware from PC
  • Fast resolution with remote sessions
  • Scanner Support

    Scanner Support

    Scanner is an important device associated with the computer. It is classified as a digital device and transforms the picture, image or the document into the digital form and after this; it transfers it into the computer. The general use of scanner is to scan the pictures or the documents, edit them and finally transfer them to another id with the help of an email.
    Some of the leading manufacturers of the scanners in the world are---

  • HP
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Lexmark
  • Epson etc
  • Because of the scanners, there is an ease in the documentation and this is the reason they are very much used in the offices. In the official environment, one can get the digital copies of the crucial documents one can use it to scan the photographs and then later get them uploaded on an account of social network and finally, the same photographs can be emailed to friends or relations. Since scanner is an electronic device, the user of this device can face multiple issues like inability to scan pictures and documents and the lack of ability to connect computer with the scanner, prolonged busy status of scanner and much more.
    There are some common problems one will try to resolve ----
  • Busy signal as one scans the document
  • Freezing or slow performance during the time of scanning
  • Restarting of the computer during the use of the scanner
  • Error of the blue screens on the computer during the time of usage of the scanner
  • Problem in detecting or connecting scanner on the computer
  • Experts who work with us have a core experience in the area of trouble shooting when it comes to the problem of the scanner. In just one call, one will get on the spot resolution for various scanner related issues. Our experts are ready for help.
    We provide following services---
  • Scanner installation
  • Scanner configuration
  • Optimization of the PC
  • Scanning and virus removal
  • Trouble shooting, scanning error etc
  • Brand we Support

    We at Pandaje group are leaders in providing call center services and have multiple years of experience in this area. We are working as a core team with the highest commitment in this area.

    Inbound call center services

    Inbound call center services are of prime importance. The fact remains if there is a prompt and efficient customer support and customer care, it is as good as wonderful service or a great product. If such a thing is absent, there is a chance that one loses the important customer to the competitor. We have a reputation of handling the inbound customer care operations for various organizations around the globe. There is a need of highly skilled call center professionals apart from the state of the art telecommunication software for the best results.

    Outbound call center services

    When the economy is down, the person wants to find the efficient result in the times of difficulty. Another vital truth is that the cost is one of the major concerns but at the same time, one does not want to make a compromise in the area of quality. This is the high time when there is a great demand for the call center outsourcing and it is at its zenith. One will have to deploy the services of the outbound call center to an offshore center and see the increment in the profits. We at Pandaje group serve the customers with the finest out bound call center services and because of our proficiency, we have a name in the world. On record, we can say that our outbound call center services have given us outstanding results.

    We provide the following outbound contact services

  • Telemarketing service
  • Lead generation service
  • Appointment setting service
  • Database services
  • Market intelligence services
  • Direct mail follow -up services
  • Pandaje group offers excellent placement services under its flagship company www.hiredgunindia.com in almost all the areas from arts, commerce to science, medicine or engineering. Over the years, our growth rate in offering the services is high and we are among the major competitors in the area of international placement.

    Some of the areas in which our placement experts provide jobs are IT outsourcing, engineering and architecture, content writing, legal processes, BPO, Mobile application development, Multimedia and animation, virtual assistance, IT technical support, medical process, graphics and web designing, sales and internet marketing, finance and accounts, HR and much more. Over the years, thousands have achieved success in their careers through our placement services with some of the highest packages being offered. Another important reason for our success is that we do understand the requirements.

    The thank you reviews that we receive are itself a testimony of our success.




    By James Perth
    By Kamy jonson
    By James Perth
    By Mak david

    I was intensely in need of website solutions but could not find the right one. But at Pandaje group, I got what I wanted. My SMO and SEO services were also greatly affecting my business but thanks for support from Pandaje group.

    I am associated with Pandaje group for website design and development for past many years and my business is touching heights. This is probably a miracle in my life because there was a time when I was at the lowest ebb. Thanks to Pandaje that today I am excelling in this area beyond my expectations. From the beginning, it was my dream to do something appreciable in this area. .

    My computer suffered virus attack but I could not find the instant solution leading me to a level of frustration. Today, I am proud that tech support at Pandaje group solved my problems. There were issues in my office printer but the instant support from the highly skilled staff of Pandaje group was a marvelous thing for me and I truly thank them.

    In my machine, there were problems related to the malware and I was really fed up with the stuff. I tried at many places but could not find a satisfying end result till tech support at Pandaje gave me a complete solution. The best thing about Pandaje group is the unending support from the finest tech professionals and this removes half the worry.

    Established on the strong ground of non-discriminatory factor, our hiring policy is therefore entirely dependent on intelligence, skill and talent of the candidate. We believe in striking the balance between hard work and pleasure.
    Organizations do not outsource to us because they cannot do a task themselves; they outsource to us because they know we would do it better!


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    Intrested Candidate can send their resume - hrd@pandaje.com / Contact HR-7838627576
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    Salary: INR 1, 80,000 - 3, 00,000 P.A.
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